STATS Rented Server, NOT our web page, has been hacked with Ransomware.
So use this page to go to our new site, and different pages...Thanks

Flag Banners

We have updated our web page and have links below
to help you navigate to these services. Click Icons Below.

1. Stock Feather Flags
2. Banners
3. Custom Feather Flags
6. Trade Show Products

Since 1971 Stats has been offering Graphics and Wide Format Printing. We innovated major designs like the Feather Flag. We built it Better, Stronger and Longer lasting. Even thought out the Last year of 2020 We were producing Flags for Major Companies that were working. We did not have any cases of Virus in the company.

Thanks for Working with Us over the Last 50 Years.

Greg Stone President. STATS of San Diego

Because of the Ransomware hack, our builders are offline until we rebuild the data base.
But we have two Artist on Staff to take care of your design needs.


(858) 560-5115