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Custom Design Feather Flags for small companies or even large corporations Work!

Our flags come single sided or double sided. Review our prices here.

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Our warehouse has over 400 designs in stock for Fast Shipping. Most orders ship the very next day by UPS ground. (weekdays).

You can order just flags or Complete Kits online. Select shipping and check out with our Go daddy secure site.



Select from Our
Semi Stock Designs $120

We have a lot of designs that were made for our customers. We design flags for free, so our designs are now in our printer que, and can be ordered by anyone.
These flags can be single or double sided and the price includes hardware.
......From $120 Complete Kit




Custom Designs from $149 ea

After 10 Years of Research and Development, Our Flags Stand Above the Rest.

1. Feather Flag Material.

Feather flags are made of all types of material. It May be Poly knit or Nylon, there are many different qualities of material. Our Feather Flag material is meshed together tightly and thus reinforced to a greater degree to prevent rips from occurring. The Feather flag material is after all the foundation of the flag, therefore it is essential to have a strong foundation to have a great product.


2. Thickness of Feather Flag Materials

Majority of our competitors use under 80gm poly knit/Nylon material. We use 120gm! This makes our flags much thicker and allows them to last 2 to 3 times longer than our competitions. We also add a bullet proof sleeve on our Custom Feather Flags, not just fold the poly knit and sew the seam with a low quality thread, we double stitch edges so the wind will not rip with normal use.


3. Quality of the Ink on Feather Flags

Another field that our competitors fail is the longevity of the ink on their feather flags. Since they are using Dye Sub, their flag fades within a few months. Not only that, but due to their cheap quality Dye Sub ink, their colors are not as bright, nor do they stand the harsh weather around the United States. STATS uses high quality ink which easily last over an year. Even under the worst conditions (extreme heat and rain) our flags can easily last 6 months before fading. Our ink has been tested for many years and its curing processes has been perfected to allow our feather flags to last much longer then our competition.


STATS OF SAN DIEGO INC, 4805 MERCURY ST. SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 (877) 560-5115.....email FlagsbySTATS@Gmail.com

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Comments from Our Customers


New just in..... Why China is not always the best deal... read below.

Subject: Re: Quote hardware 250 units
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 14:37:15 -0700
From: Jeanette@.....com
To: <signs@bannerbystats.com>

We ordered them from China. they came with spikes but they seem to be breaking. We need to replace them with sturdier ones.
Best regards, Jeanette

Supercuts Testimonial: Our company was looking for feather flags to be made for a couple of our locations. After getting the run around from a couple different companies I asked for a price quote from Stats. I not only got a response within 10 minutes, I got a full lesson in flag making. Stats not only gave us the most reasonable quotes online but provided the quickest turn around. From the moment of payment to on the doorstep was less than 10 DAYS! Buying from Stats not only lets you support a local American business. But you're also getting a superior product at a more than reasonable price.
Thank you Stats for your outstanding service.
Matthew Blankenship
Peak Management | Epoch Enterprises

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 09:51:06  > > 
To: sue t<han.....@yahoo.com>  > > 
Reply-To: signs@bannerbystats.com  > > Subject: 
Re: Quote for Custom Feather flag 
I received my flag and it is awesome!!   Can't wait to deliver it today to the coach!!    
We like the sign so much, we'd like to order another one.
Margo Goldberg
2 Paws Up Dog Daycare


Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to say thank you to Gabe and Tim for all of their help. I have been a customer for several years and you guys are great with communication and follow up. Everything is done professionally and accurate. I truly appreciate doing business with companies that are professional. I will, and have been recommending you to others in my area.

Thanks again!

-Ian D. Scherzer

My Expert PC

683 Georges Road
North Brunswick NJ, 08902


I'm from Healing Place Church in El Paso.  We've ordered flags from you before and needed to order one more.
We need a 12' two sided flag.  
Could I get a quote/proof on that?
My Info:
Caleb Brown
Healing Place Church - El Paso


From: Off Campus Books
To: Billing
Subject: Re: Invoice from STATS of San Diego, INC.
Hello Darlene,
Yes they did arrive today, and we just set them up. They are fabulous! Such nice quality and they look great!
Thank you.
To: sales@bannersbystats.com
Subject: THANK YOU!

I would like to thank bannersbystats and John for doing a wonderful job (once again) on our banner.  When I got word that my son-in-law would be manning the rails we only had one day to get the banner.  You all were wonderful!  The banner was perfect!  It hung with much pride on the balcony of our 10th story room at the Sheraton.   David did see it as he went by when the USS Carl Vinson made it's way out of the harbor for their deployment.  That was confirmed in his 1st email home.
Thanks again so much for helping us say we'll miss you in a special way!
Margo Bjork


Matthew Blankenship

Peak Management | Epoch Enterprises

Subject: Banner flags
To: stats@statsprepreds.com <stats@statsprepreds.com>, signs@bannerbystats.com <signs@bannerbystats.com>

To the whole gang at Stats,    The banner flags arrived today and they look awesome. You all did an incredible job. 
We can't wait to fly them proudly at our next big event.     Thanks again,    Mike House, Fox 13
On    8:22 AM, Kyle Deets wrote:   
I know this is a little late, but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the way the feather flags turned out!  They are of great quality and the poles handle the strongest mid-western winds we encounter.  They are exactly what I was looking for!  Thanks your help with our custom look!
Kyle Deets
Traeger Representative 
Crawford Supply Company
Subject: Jennings Group Order
From: Christe Jennings
To: Signs@bannersbystats.com <signs@bannersbystats.com>

Tim, thanks so much for your help with our feather flags. We just received our custom feather flags for our Jennings Group Tax & Bookkeeping business and they turned out perfect. They look exactly as we had imagined. You guys do an excellent job. Again Thanks so much! Hope to do more business in the future.
Mike Jennings
To: signs@bannersbystats.com
Subject: RE: Quote for Custom Feather flag

Hi Gabe,
Wow quick response. Thank You. I've tried to get in contact with a handful of companies who do flags and ive gotten no responses for over a week.

Hello Tim,

Thanks so much for all your help on this order. You were very efficient & helpful throughout the whole process. I know 1st time orders with new customers can sometimes be a pain.I look forward to seeing the new banner in front of their business. Let's hope business grows &they'll order more.

Thank you! Sherri Morris Pinnacle Solutions

Subject: RE: FW: FW: Galaxybanner.pdf
From: Qadiri, Zaki
To: signs@bannerbystats.com <signs@bannerbystats.com>

Thanks Tim!  The flags looks great!

----- Original Message -----

From: rcx300@....com
Reply-To: rcx300
To: Signs@bannersbystats.com <signs@bannersbystats.com>
Subject: Re: Needing 2 Feather Banner Flags
From: Jamey Plumle
To: signs@bannerbystats.com

Hey Tim, just wanted to let you know I got the flag and they look amazing!!! Thank you so much!!


Hey Tim-
We already received the flags and they look fantastic!  Thank you for such a terrific job!

Nikki Frank

----- Original Message -----
From: Terri
To: Greg
Subject: RE: Revised proofs for Double sided flags

I want to thank you for catching the incorrect phone number. You have great customer service and I will recommend you to all my business associates. Thanks again for being on your toes. I still can't believe I did not notice that. Thanks again..........Terri

I've purchased many banners from you guys in the past and tried a local guy a couple of days ago because I needed something really quick but I'm very disappointed in the quality of banner I received. I have a show this weekend and need 4 banners ASAP (2 duplicate 2' x 8' banners and 2 duplicate 1' x 8" banners). If I provided you guys with the artwork first thing in the morning (Thursday), would you be able to get them to me (northern California, 95240) by Friday? If so, could you please provide a quote? I'd like to receive them as you've always done my banners; pole pockets and grommets on good quality vinyl. Please let me know as soon as you can!


Robert Coral


From: Lori.....
To: signs@bannerbystats.com
Cc : Karen....
Subject: M25M order - start/finish banners

Hi Gabe.

We got our Feather Flags today and they look AWESOME!!

Also, we would like to move forward on the banners as described below.....

Thank you!

Lori J

------ Original Message -----

From: Terri T....
To: Greg
Subject: RE: Revised proofs for Double sided flags

   I want to thank you for catching the incorrect phone number. (my Error) You have great customer service and I will recommend you to all my business associates. Thanks again for being on your toes. I still can't believe I did not notice that.

Thanks again..........Terri

---- Original Message -----
From: Jennifer F......
To: Signs@bannersbystats.com
Subject: Re: 2 feather flags for church in Oklahoma

Excellent! I'm calling to order right now. :) Very pleased with your super-fast, efficient customer service!

----- Original Message -----
From: The UPS Store 5592
To: signs@bannerbystats.com
Subject: RE: UPS Feather flag
Hey Gabe….just wanted to let you know we got the flag yesterday and are very pleased with its quality. Thank you so much for getting out quickly, we really appreciate it. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Original Message -----
From: Joe Cz....ki
To: signs@bannerbystats.com
Subject: KCBI Feather Flags

Thank you for the four flags you recently manufactured for us. They were received very well and made a big splash at our first event. Would you mind sending me an invoice or receipt via e-mail that we can keep on file for our records? Thanks for your help.
Joe G. Czabajszki, Director of Creative Services
Criswell College and Criswell Communications

---- Original Message -----
From: Brice & Jessica Ta...
To: quotes@featherflagsale.com

Subject: It's Great!
We just received our 12' Double Sided Custom Banner and it's great! The whole setup is easy and light weight, but quality isn't compromised. The price is undoubtedly fair as well. Thanks STATS. We're coming to you next time.
-Brice Ta...

----- Original Message -----
From: Vanessa M H....
To: signs@bannersbystats.com
Subject: RE: Quote for Custom Feather flagHi Gabe,
Wow quick response. Thank You. I've tried to get in contact with a handful of companies who do flags and ive gotten no responses for over a week. .......Thank You
Vanessa M. H......

----- Original Message ----- From: "Armand Messier" <trustee@armandmessier.com>
To: "Stats of San Diego" <sales@bannersbystats.com>
Subject: Thanks
I received the banners on Friday, thanks for your quick and professional work! You guys are the best!
Armand Messier
Trustee, Village of Swanton, Vermont

Not all Feather Flags are Equal

Feather Flags... what we make our Custom Feather Flags from is feather flag material called 130 gm Poly Knit feather Flag.

Most Customers Look for Feather Flags by the Name Swooper flags, Bow Flags, Feather Banners or Feather Flags.

Custom Flags Printed here in California, Our Stock Feather Flags are Silk Screened Feather Flags from China like all other Feather Flags sold on the Web. What makes our Feather Flags better is we ask the China Feather Flags company to use a better Ink and Feather Flag Material ...We then use a 120 gm feather flags material (stock) so it holds up longer in the wind.

Feather Flag Care!

Feather flags in strong wind will be destroyed, if a storm comes in take the feather flags down. Wind and Feather flags do not mix.

To Clean the Feather Flags wash with a soft cloth on Feather flags, wet.

Our Feather Flags kit come with Pole and Ground spike, If you are in a windy locaction

the feather flags pole should be upgraded to our Premium Feather Flags Pole.

Others sell a plastic pole be careful, or a real thin cheap fiberglass pole... both break easy.

Others sell a feather flags with a stick for the ground our feather flags spike is solid steel..

If you are going to spend money on feather flags get the best from us order online.

Custom Feather Flags, Swooper Flags, Flutter Flags, Custom Swooper Flags, Feather Banners, Banner Flags

If you are new to Feather Flags Call Me Greg Stone 877-560-5115 I will spend the time on the phone

giving you all good information about Flags. We answer our phones, and our Custom Flags are made in CA not India...